Marie Urbin

Prejudices label

This project is based on the publication 'Psychological conditions and precursors of successful integration processes' by Prof. Dr. Haci-Halil Uslucan and was developed in cooperation with the integration council of the city of Cologne.
Focusing on the topic of prejudices, their emergence and their psychological impact, I designed a concept for a campaign, consisting of posters and series of illustrations.

Supervision: Prof. Ben Santo

Timeframe: March - July 2016

Tools: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography




The core statement that I was able to form from the publication, was, that prejudices divide our society into categories. They label.

Under this core, there are three scientific statements on which I wanted to focus my concept on.

1. Identity is covered or removed by prejudices

2. The actual personality is perceived only distorted through the prejudice

3. Prejudices hurt



From prejudice to clothing label


Labels of clothing always show the origin, what it is made of, as well as a guidance on how it should be treated. This is similar to prejudices against people.

As a symbol, I designed labels for the racist prejudices that exist in our society.

Inspired by the original symbols of washing instructions, I created incons, representing possible types of discrimination.


Final Concept

I wanted to attract attention, as well as to inform more deeply, so I developed a concept consisting of two elements.

The first element is a series of photographs, each showing a person, who's identity is covered by a label. The label has a hurtful effect and should be questioned by the viewer: "What is behind prejudices?"

The second element is a series of illustrations. These illustrate the causes and effects of prejudices and answer the previous question "What is behind prejudices?". The simplicity creates an easy and emotional approach to the topic.

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