World Wide Science

"World Wide Science“ is a search engine for scientific papers. It is a great and useful tool, but the visual identity could be more appealing for a wider, younger and more modern target group. In addition, it is lacking the ease of use. 
My fellow students Katja Niggl, Melanie Pfnür, Dominik Wierl and I, decided to redesign the search engine.

Supervision: Prof. Manuel Trüdinger

Timeframe: Wintersemester 2015/2016

Tools: Sketch



WWS is probably mostly used by professors, academics and students. Substantially it is an academical and reliable site, but the current design has an overloaded, confusing layout, which makes the user question its reliability, as well as its usefulness.

There are a lot of filters and features, you can use to get the most optimal search result.  This is extremely useful, but it is also making the search quite complex and confusing.



It became our goal to give World Wide Science a more reputable and modern look, which included a clearer and more user-friendly design. The user experience should be simplified, while still providing all those features and filters.


Final Design

The homepage became cleaner and less confusing, by minimising and tidying up different bottoms, content and menus.

For the search result page, we simplified the different filters and designed it in a more user-friendly way. Additionally, we gave the page a new feature by implementing the system of tabs. Since someone, writing a scientific paper, is often searching for different keywords simultaneously, the tabs would allow him a more clear and overviewed search. Also, we gave the user the possibility to pin results for later use.

mobile version


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